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The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster. This is just a fan blog, but you can find band members online in the following places:

JD on tumblr
JD on twitter
PPH on tumblr
Jon Wurster on twitter

Feel free to submit something. Please remember to cite your sources! Thanks.

13 September 13

the Mountain Goats - Pet Politics (Silver Jews cover)

1 August 13


stay, till you can breathe, like normal people do
i’ve got room in my house for you

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21 June 13

the Mountain Goats - Going Invisible

29 March 13


the Mountain Goats // Counting Song for Bitter Children

One, two
I don’t love you
Three, four
One, three
Stay away from me
Five, seven
Good children get nothing

Na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na 

one, two, two and a half
Stick around here, don’t make me laugh
Two and a half, three, four point five 
A new day’s dawning and my hours arrive

one, two
I got things to do
one, three
I got people to see, I got people who wanna see me

Na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na 

Na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na 
Na na na na na na na na na na na na na

MARCH 29TH, 2013


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16 December 12


the Mountain Goats - Rockin’ Rockin’ Pet Store

i saw the reptile cages reflected in your blue eyes
their green bodies conspiring therein
to form a separate universe where it was no sin
to want what i wanted right then and there in the pet store

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27 September 12

the Mountain Goats - Bride

Designed for one another,
we lie tied to our slabs.
While the same electricity that gave us life,
crackles through the lab.

And I am too dumb 
to tell you how I feel.
Who will know, who will tell anyone,
that what we had was real?

We belong dead
We belong dead.

So I try and try to focus,
to say what I want to say.
But it’s such hard work,
and we don’t have all day.

Our efforts won’t add up 
to any great amount
Get one chance to make your gesture down here,
I wanna make mine count.

We belong dead, we belong dead.
We belong dead.
We belong dead.

25 August 12

The Mountain Goats - Toolshed (Bonus Track)

5 July 12


All Devils Here Now - The Mountain Goats

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27 June 12


John Darnielle’s final encore song from his west coast solo tour June 25 2012, at the Mission Theatre in Portland, Ore. His guitar string broke the song before and after some capitulation decided to give this song a try on piano.

The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton!

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21 June 12


The Mountain Goats - “Going Through Pomona”

The lights are on in your room so tell me who’s your friend?
And the lights are burning in the little house on East End.
And I remembered who I was and what I came here for.
The moon was caught high in the branches of the sycamore.

And on my neck I felt the cold wind.
And it licked around my ears and it asked me to ask you, yeah, who’s your friend?
And the lights came down over Pomona, blazed again before your front door.
The moon was caught high in the branches of the sycamore.

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh