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The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster. This is just a fan blog, but you can find band members online in the following places:

JD on tumblr
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PPH on tumblr
Jon Wurster on twitter

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17 January 14


Adultery - The Extra Lens

There’s a mean streak in the sky
On the morning when you come by
And you ask me would I
And I say I would
And it’s an ill-wind that does nobody good

and I should’ve known you’d come my way
By the dogs sprawled and sleeping on the driveway
Windows open audibly around the neighborhood
It’s an ill-wind that does nobody good

And you touch my hand
And the sun bleeds down
Ineffective warnings all over the ground
And I’m standing in the same spot where your husband stood
It’s an ill-wind that does nobody good

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I saw you standing there

orange blossom in your hair.

Going to Palestine.

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16 January 14

when you’re with me you’ll see their smooth forms taking shape in the sky, and i will hold your hand and move my thumb around there in your palm, and the constellations will all display their bright colors up above and around us

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man how can you disrespect me to my face 

the story with this song: vanderslice and I had just gotten to know each other and he’s sayin “so you really still record with just a 4-track” and I’m like “fuck a 4-track, that shit is for rich people, I use a boombox” and he says “what happened to your 4-track?” and I say “you ain’t hearin me pops, I never had a 4-track” so he says “no shit, holy balls. you want one?” cause he’s got one in his basement studio that he never uses now that he owns a recording studio. I say “sure but I’ll probably never use it, my boombox suits me just fine” and then I forget about the whole thing but a month later I get a note to come to the post office for some package and boom it is a 4-track. 

it just so happens that I have an ESP electric guitar at this time that I’m wanting to hear how it sounds on tape so I sit down and write a song but the little picking pattern I’m doing is hard to keep rhythm in so I grab this antique drum pad that the local music shop had on clearance for like 20 bucks. it’s an old old OLD Roland pad I think, I just now tried to look for it to tell you the make and model but no luck, the room where I keep my gear is a big mess. Anyway I assign a sound to the metronome and then played rhythm guitar along with that, then added the “ding” sound and all that stuff with drumsticks as an overdub. overdubbed vocals and a lead guitar and then I was done. 

fruity loops. jeez green vii you oughta know me better than that, I thought we was homies.

 - JD’s response when a tMG forum user thought the Drum Loop in this song was from Fruity Loops.

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21 December 13

On a Wednesday, on the 110,
I felt the fever rise again.
The weatherman east of here predicted rain,
I hammered the words into my brain
That you were all I ever needed to get by.

On the Long Island Expressway,
About 4 AM on a Tuesday.
Humidity like I’d never known before
And you sleeping like a baby,
I could hear the engine roar.
Somewhere high up above us in the New York sky
Where time means less than nothing, and no one ever dies,
Someone knew that you were all there was worth needing

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20 December 13

9 favorite mountain goats tour posters

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12 October 13

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20 September 13

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13 September 13

the Mountain Goats - Pet Politics (Silver Jews cover)

1 August 13


stay, till you can breathe, like normal people do
i’ve got room in my house for you

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh