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The Mountain Goats are John Darnielle, Peter Hughes and Jon Wurster. This is just a fan blog, but you can find band members online in the following places:

JD on tumblr
JD on twitter
PPH on tumblr
Jon Wurster on twitter

Feel free to submit something. Please remember to cite your sources! Thanks.

20 December 13

9 favorite mountain goats tour posters

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12 October 13

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20 September 13

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13 September 13

the Mountain Goats - Pet Politics (Silver Jews cover)

1 August 13


stay, till you can breathe, like normal people do
i’ve got room in my house for you

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21 June 13

the Mountain Goats - Going Invisible

12 June 13



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26 April 13

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17 April 13


the Mountain Goats // Beat the Devil

hauling peanut butter crank through arizona,
gotta keep the glow stick babies fat and happy.
cactus standing taller than goliath,
all the vultures come directly at me.

we stash it in between some bales of lumber,
on flatbeds coming in from colorado.
i don’t know what you’re doing back in memphis
all winter you’ve been incommunicado.

take a picture, do it fast.
for the good times,
for the good times that won’t last.

hot sun peels the paint down to the primer,
overheating engine spits and whines.
try to keep our minds on what we’re doing,
try to keep the wheels between the lines.

the feeling when the cop car flips its lights on
the near electric tension crackling here inside the truck,
the lack of any word from you in memphis
the sounds of someone running out of luck.

take a picture, do it fast.
for the good times,
for the good times that won’t last.

APRIL 16TH, 2013


16 April 13


The Mountain Goats - Liza Forever Minnelli (live on KEXP, 03/29/2011)

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh